“Love You Still… or Not?”-Life in Two After Infidelity

Can a relationship/marriage survive after one of the partners is betrayed?

Yes! The relationship itself can survive for many years to come, but we can’t say the same about the quality of trust or love. You may hear many couples who dealt with infidelity say that they discovered ways to fall in love with each other again after the distress caused by an affair.

However, it is less probable that love is the actual reason why people choose to remain in the marriage/relationship:

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The 5 Personality Traits of an Alpha Female

We are all born with a personality & temperament that adds colour and diversity to our society, friendships, career, etc. These personality differences have been characterized and grouped into two types: Alpha & Beta. 

As such, we will first focus on the dominant personality traits of an alpha female:

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Nurture Your Skin: Shine Without MakeUp

It is probably difficult to imagine your day without your favourite makeup products that help you every time you want to get an impeccable look.

And there are thousands and thousands of reasons why you love makeup products. They highlight your beautiful facial features, hides your skin imperfections and often help you have more confidence. However, we must honestly say that makeup is not even the healthiest choice to apply onto the skin every day.

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Deja-Vu or Memories from The Future?

Over 70% of the global population claims to have experienced at least once a strange sense of familiarity with things that would normally be totally unknown, such as first-time visit to a store, a discussion that gives the impression that it has already taken place, although it has never happened, or the familiar face of a person who is actually seen for the first time. These are just some of the unexplained symptoms but considered normal, of the deja-vu sensation.

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Raise empathic children in an egocentric society

What Is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to understand someone else’s perspective, to feel the emotions they feel and to understand what their thoughts are in a particular situation.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Live Abroad For a While

Moving to a foreign country can sound like a thrilling adventure for some or a nightmare for others. The idea of leaving behind everything we have & know so we can adapt to a new culture, new rules is like stepping into a different world. This can be a little bit frightening no matter how adventurous one may be.

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Red Personality

Red has many personal connotations and meanings than any other colour. The red draws admiration & curiosity, hence the use of this colour can instantly attract our attention to a certain element.

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Baby On A Budget: 7 Things Your Newborn Doesn’t Need

Before the arrival of a baby, parents want to do the most they can to welcome their bundle of joy in a warm, loving & comfortable place, where nothing is missing. Since we live in times where we can purchase anything to ease our work, parents may be tempted to create a long shopping list. Although there are plenty of choices for all budgets and tastes, we must question every purchase: Is it essential? For how long will I use it? 

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Holiday Beauty Tips: Skincare Preparation Before Travelling

Sunny days, cool summer breeze, and sandy beaches! It is that time of the year when we are ready to leave the city and throw ourselves under the sweet & warm sun rays.

But while a little vacay has plenty of benefits for our mind & body, going to another country may also stress our skin, which is why a little extra care before travelling is necessary.

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Famous May Psychologist: Sigmund Freud

Life of Sigmund Freud

Sigismund Schlomo Freud was born into a family of Jews on 6 May 1856, in the Austrian Empire. He had childhood difficulties due to the financial problems the family had to face. However, Freud showed his intelligence from an early age and the family did their utmost to give him a proper education. His mother was the one who was highly interested in investing in Freud’s education, something that he mentioned on the few occasions when he talked about his personal life.

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