5 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Spouses

The success of a relationship is often determined by the compatibility between two partners, which in return is influenced by their personality type.

Although there is no right or wrong personality, the society has always embraced and admired extroverts for their enthusiasm and adventurous attitude towards life and risks. In the end, they are masters of practicality, they adapt easily and are in a continuous search for new and exciting experiences, so one may never know what boredom means next to an extrovert.

But what is it like to be romantically involved with an introvert, whose personality has always been illustrated as dark and withdrawn? Well, behind their shy, aloof and fragile surface, introverts are creatures with a complex and fascinating soul; it is the mysterious aura they project that makes them attractive. Once you get to discover the layers of their personality, you will be amazed.

So, why are the introverts better partners for the long run?

  1. Good Listeners

It is commonly known that introverts are not talkative. Not because they do not how to communicate, but they have a deep interest in understanding what other people think or feel. As a matter of fact, introverts are attracted to the complexity of the human mind and emotions. In a conversation, they will not dominate, but instead, will listen and give their analytical advice when necessary. No wonder why the author Laurie Helgoe compares introvert conversations to jazz:

“Introvert conversations are like jazz.  Each player gets to solo for a nice stretch before the other player comes in and does his solo.”

    2. Easygoing Nature 

Drama is nonexistent in introverts’ life: they prefer to keep things simple and clear. They are the type of individuals you will hear saying “Good vibes only” and that is because shallow conversations, silly arguments or loud people tend to drain introverts’ energy.

Thus, you will not see an introvert arguing or rushing into doing things unless it is about something serious.

A similar approach applies to their romance life. Introvert spouses will not put their partners under pressure nor criticise them, but instead will patiently offer guidance or support when needed.

3. Observants

Introverts have a keen eye for detail. Nothing is left unnoticed whether they are in a room full of people or alone in the park. They do not observe to judge, but again, remember that they want to understand what happens behind our smiles.

In love, this is an advantage. Introverts will notice things that you like/dislike, your habits and things you will unconsciously reveal about yourself. This is why they will surprise you with gifts or advice that you did not know you wished for.

4. Mindful of Their Words and Actions

Opposed to extroverts who have a tendency of reacting impulsively, introverts realize that words can deeply hurt. They are aware that certain actions or words said at the wrong time with the wrong tone cannot be erased and can have consequences.

As such, in stressful times they will consider their actions and seek for negotiation in order to maintain an equilibrium in their private life.

5. They Embrace Solitude

It is not a secret that introverts are not social butterflies, although, when time requires, they can be effective team members and can perfectly blend with the other guests at a party. Nevertheless, you will notice that soon after a social exposure, introverts will seek for silence and me-moments. That is their way of regaining their energy, make some order in their thoughts, emotions and redefine their goals.

These moments of solitude are not only beneficial to themselves, but also to their spouses. Firstly, an introvert does not wish to transfer his/her inner turmoil to their significant other and secondly, they will not suffocate their partners with ideas or worries. They consider that an occasional moment of space keeps the flame of love burning.

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