9 Unhealthy Thoughts That Make Us Unhappy

The power of our thoughts is often underestimated and we let our mind create the worst scenarios even when there is no real threat. Thus, we put ourselves under unnecessary stress and anxiety, while attracting bad energies in our lives.

This unhealthy thinking habit is called by the scientists as the tempo-cognitive disorder, characterised by daydreams, attention fluctuations, absent-minded attitude, loss of the train of thoughts, easily confused, slowly thinking, low initiative, and boredom.

Of course it is not a serious disorder that may affect only a certain population as we are all prone to be cognitively lazy and consequently let our mind be in charge of our thinking.

Nevertheless, we must constantly take steps towards a solution, maintain a positive attitude whether we have reasons or not and avoid these 9 unhealthy thoughts:

1.“This must change”

How many times a day do you complain about your current situation? How many times a week do you wake up blaming your destiny and others for what is happening? And what for? Has something changed in your life since you talk every day about how unhappy you are? Keep in mind that everything happens for a purpose and instead of complaining try to understand what can be improved or how you can grow stronger out of this challenge.

2. “It is your fault if I feel this way”

No, it is nobody’s fault for who you are, what you are and what is happening to you. Moreover, there is no one responsible for making you happy. If you are unhappy about something do not start blaming others. You are complaining about a situation that you somehow allowed to happen.Do not let your thoughts overwhelm you.

3. “I am sure that something bad will happen”

Sometimes we can tell how a story will end by looking at the sequence of the events, yet that does not mean we cannot do something to change it. Instead of focusing on what could possibly go wrong, think of solutions. Worrying about something will not make any difference, instead it will send your mind into a freeze mode, stoping you from seeing the way out.

4. “I must excel in everything”

We are obsessed with success and the idea of ​​being one step ahead of everyone. Every day we accumulate frustrations because we are not perfect, because things do not happen as we expect and when we want. It is worth remembering that challenges encourages personal progress and allows us to learn from our mistakes, so next time you chase a goal, embrace the difficulty you encounter.
5. It is easier to do nothing

This idea is called defeatism. Defeatism makes us think that it is easier to avoid difficult tasks than to face them. Who would not like to jump over an issue rather than go through it ?! The problem is that when you choose to jump over a problem and you think you have escaped, it will come back – still unresolved and maybe even harder than in the first phase.

6. “I need someone stronger than me”

All we need is already within us. It is absolutely normal to ask for help and it is reassuring to know that you can count on someone in times of difficulties, but we must realise that we already have the power to cope with our challenges. We are capable of taking care of us and of taking the right decisions.

7. “This is who I am and I cannot change”

When people deal with challenges or consequences of their actions, they tend to blame their personality for their behaviour and ultimately for their failures. The reality is that we can adjust our behaviour and learn to adapt based on the circumstances we meet. The power lies within us, just laziness and convenience keep us in the comfort zone, because we like to victimise ourselves. Every morning brings a new opportunity to improve ourselves and become better.

8. “There is only one way to resolve this”

When you face a complicated situation, write it on a paper. In addition to it, add all the ways you can solve it or all the ways you can accomplish a task. Any problem has more than one solution, anything can be done in many ways, do not give up after the first failed attempt.

9. “If I feel this, it must be true”

Listening to our instincts is the best choice we can make, yet we often mistake our instincts with our anxiety and the goosebumps caused by our overactive imagination. Before taking important decisions, calculate all the pros and cons. Give yourself some time to mediate and once you feel confident about the solution, then act.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”
John Milton


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