4 Psychic Signs Showing That Someone Misses You

Throughout our lives, we form many personal, emotional and spiritual connections. Most of these do not have a strong impact on us – they are just a common part of life and serve only to enrich our experiences. But there are also a number of relationships and connections that we make that have a great significance. These spiritual connections are very strong and, once formed, they have a pretty significant impact on our emotions and thinking. Thus, we begin sensing a person’s moods, vibes, or their desires even in the absence of their presence.

So, what are the signs of someone missing your soul?

  1. Unexplained emotions

We may experience unexplained emotions, especially feelings of emptiness or loneliness that do not match our current situation. Despite having a balanced personal life, we begin to feel that there is something missing. This psychic connection is so powerful that we may sense a foreign energy around us. If this happens, our soul may be aware of the energy vibrations of a person who wants or misses us.

2. We dream of them

When a person desires us, the vibration of their feeling is transferred to us through a spiritual connection whether through thoughts or dreams.

If you rarely think of this person and s/he appears in your dreams out of the blue, there is a chance that you pick up on their thought wave. Thus, it could be a good idea to call the person and perhaps you will be amazed to find out that they have been actually wanting to discuss with you.

3. Synchronicity

A person who misses our soul can appear in places where we are, without knowing of it.

This is the way the universe encourages the bonds between us; our spiritual connections are a sign that we are attracted to each other.

This means that we are taking subconscious decisions that help us get closer to the people we think of.

Our spiritual guides know this, and when someone misses us, their soul will strive to transmit this information so that we are encouraged to make decisions in order to reconnect. We can also encounter a lot of things that remind us of this person – another kind of cosmic memory of the importance of our spiritual connections.

4. Itchy/Twitching Eyes

If you do not suffer from eye infections nor have allergies, a twitching/itchy eye is another sign that someone is thinking of you and hence, you catch the vibrational energy.

If you experience these signs, someone may miss you. After all, this person longs for you so much that the universe decides to intervene and help him/her return in your life.


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