Top 10 Baby Bedroom Ideas 2018

The arrival of a baby is always a moment of joy and so is the decoration of his/her bedroom!

Leaving aside the budget for a while, there will also be a few dilemmas, related not only to colours but also to the decor or the type of furniture, especially since most parents think about the moment when the baby will grow.

The idea is: the baby will be a baby until s/he goes to the kindergarten, so then there will be a redecoration of the room, and then another one when s/he goes to school. But until then, a baby room must be well ventilated (open, large windows), well heated (constant temperature of 20 degrees Celsius) and a comfortable bed, fitted with a suitable mattress. So the first criteria must be hygiene and health – clean air and mattress, linen, soft fabrics and no dust.

Between 0 and 6 months, the baby needs a very intimate and protective environment where s/he can be close to the parents, then between 6 and 12 months, s/he adapts to the rhythm of family and starts to adjust his/her sleep, eating habits, activities, etc. As such, the organization of the room will also need to be thought based on the needs of the parents. In addition to the baby’s crib, at least a comfortable armchair will be needed for nursing or breastfeeding. It is even safer to have a single bed, which will later become child’s bed when s/he grows up, but until then it is for your rest as a parent with her/him. Storage space is also essential to have everything at hand, which will, later on, become useful for the baby as s/he grows.

So, let’s explore the Top 10 Wabi-Sabi suggestions for5c79c0b99014de10645322451cc8a2df.jpg y82cdd8d80a3791fe8dac2d420794e39b.jpgour baby’s bedroom:











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