Green Personality

It is scientifically proven that light and colours have different effects on the affectivity of individuals. Reactions and attitudes to certain colour tones are caused by the power that colours “exert” on our psyche: they can calm, relax or cure, make us sad, or induce a state of nervousness.

Chromotherapy or colour therapy uses subtle-vibrational colour quality for therapeutic purposes. Since the Middle Ages healers and wizards have often used chromotherapy as a means of combating various diseases.

Nowadays, researchers recognise that colours really have powerful effects on the human psyche,  mood and health. Some colours stimulate the biological activity of the body, others, on the contrary, affect it.

But besides influencing our biological rhythm and emotional stability, our favourite colours can also reveal some aspects of our personality. So if green happens to be your colour then you are…….

……a practical person with the feet on the ground. 

You are stable and you seek balance in everything you do, and its absence makes you feel anxious / worried.

A green personality represents a generous and compassionate individual who likes being in control and solves difficult situations. You are smart and you like to learn, you can quickly integrate new concepts and new information. The details irritate you as you can quickly catch the ideas or moods of people around you, so explanations are not needed for you.

You are nice and you are very caring with those around, risking to forget about your own needs. Your ability to put yourself in people’s shoes is one of your great talents, but watch out for how much you get involved in the lives of others! You do not want their problems to become your problems.

Your desire to love and to be loved is very great, you are an open book for anyone and do not hide your feelings. You feel good in any situation because you are sociable, you know what to say and when to say and you adapt to any situation with ease.

Your moral standards are high and it is important for you to do what you know it is right. You like to be admired and appreciated for your work both in your community, career and in your own family.

You are a loyal friend and a trustworthy partner.

As a green personality you have a strong will and you do not like being told what to do, you like to win the disputes and do not easily give up under any circumstances.

You like to eat and it is usually hard for you to lose weight or to maintain a certain balance.

Those who prefer green are honest people who think globally and are involved in the community’s problems, are sociable and peaceful individuals.


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