Blue Personality

Colour brings magic to our lives. Colour brings enthusiasm, happiness, bliss and relaxation. Just imagine what the world we live in if we did not enjoy the beautiful colours of flowers or the blue sky. It is hard to imagine living a life in grey tones.

The Psychology of Colours

The psychology of colours is based on the mental effects and emotions they have on us in various situations and circumstances.
As a matter of fact, the psychologist Carl Jung used to advise his patients to use or wear colours they mostly liked because he felt that this would help them express some of the deep sides of their psyche. It can be said that the colour we choose can deeply reflect our personality traits. For example, few know that introverts and extroverts will instinctively choose blue and red respectively.

The colours we choose to wear can also tell about how we feel that day.

So what are your personality traits if your favourite colour is blue?

The blue colour is a royal symbol of calmness. Thus, the personality of the one who prefers it is warm and peaceful. If you love this colour it means you are a funny and enthusiastic person who lives the moment and do not worry about the future. However, thinking about the fact that the colour blue has represented for centuries the aristocracy, we can say that a person who chooses this colour can also have a temperamental and sophisticated character. In other words, a person who appreciates the blue colour can have contrasting features, being pragmatic, sophisticated, or a mixture of the two. This is also reflected in the way they dress. They like simple clothes with classic lines and are not big fans of cheap items.

People who prefer this colour are also known to be independent, they rarely focus their attention on the people around, and sometimes they may find it difficult to trust other people easily.

From a career point of view, these individuals are highly determined and will not accept a mediocre job.

Although they are not very romantic in relationships, they will certainly be compassionate and attentive to the needs of their half.


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  1. My favorite colour is Blue. Alot of the things stated are actually very accurate. But.. I’d like to think I am romantic when I really do care.. Maybe I need to retrospect a little hehe. Definately compassionate and attentive in many ways than one 😈.

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