Telepathy in Romantic Couples

Sigmund Freud believed that telepathic communication is a primitive ability, which we lost through the process of evolution. But recent studies show that people are still able to communicate through telepathy even today suggesting that they will never lose the ability to connect with people beyond words and gestures.

What is telepathy?

Telepathy is considered to be the oldest and most widespread parapsychological phenomenon. Regardless of race and culture, we can all have telepathic experiences and we can involuntarily communicate our thoughts and feelings to others. Since telepathic communication happens at an unconscious level, distance and time are not barriers.

The term telepathy comes from Greek, where “tele” means “at distance”, and “pathos” means feeling, living. Communication through telepathy is manifested predominantly among people who are affectionately involved, like the parent-child bond or romantic couples who love each other. That is why the emotional telepathy is the easiest form to intercept.

As such, there are researchers who claim that lovers develop a telepathic bond at the beginning of their relationship, which can either become stronger as their feelings grow or on the contrary, it can deteriorate if their love changes. Moreover, the French engineer and parapsychologist Rene Warcollier considered that once the telepathic bond between two individuals is established, it will never disappear even if its intensity & frequency will be lower in case of a breakup.

Signs of Emotional Telepathy

Telepathy knows no biological limits and is not only a quality of the human race. Animals communicate with each other with the help of telepathy and it is assumed that any living organism has this ability. Several military experiments in the recent years have shown that telepathy is also possible between other species.

For humans, telepathy usually occurs in situations where we experience major emotional changes, such as pain, joy, suffering, fatigue, etc.

When it comes to couples who live together, specialists suggest us to make the difference between the false telepathy and the emotional one as they may be slightly similar.

The false telepathy is characterized by our ability to understand the emotions of our partner after a period of cohabitation. We learn their habits and reactions, hence we recognize their emotional change throughout the days.

On the other hand, an emotional telepathy happens at a spiritual level, meaning that we perceive our partner’s emotions even when the circumstances may not match the knowledge we have about their personality. Moreover, we sense their thoughts, feelings and the cause as if they were ours.

So how do we know when we receive a telepathic message?

    • Vivid dreams– In telepathic dreams, it may not only be about experiences but also about an event that takes place at a long distance or in the life of another person we love. This is the case reported by Sigmund Freud in “Dream and Telepathy”. An unknown person sent several letters to the renowned psychoanalyst, telling in detail how on the night of November 16 he dreamed that his wife gave birth to twins. The man claims to have seen the little children “as clearly as sleeping in their bed,” one with blonde hair and one with brown hair. “I woke up four or five times while I was dreaming, wondering if it is true that we have twins while convincing myself that I just dreamed” , said the man to Freud while not forgetting to say the essential clue: his daughter, Ilse, married in Berlin, was expecting to give birth in three weeks. When the man told his wife about his dream, she was amused and asked: “Could it be that Ilse gave birth to twins?” The next day, the two spouses received a telegram announcing that the previous morning, Ilse had brought into the world a little boy and a little girl. The birth had thus occurred when the man had that odd dream. The explanation is given by the strong emotional bond between the father and the daughter, which seemed to announce the man of the arrival of his grandchildren.
    • Intuition-The greatest scientific discoveries were developed out of intuition, not through reasoning. Similarly, we intuitively know how to behave, what to say or how to support the persons we love. We sense their needs whether they are close or far away.
    • Their emotions become ours-If your day goes well, nothing to disturb your mental and emotional equilibrium and you start feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden, it may be that you sense the stress or pain of your other half.


Thus, it can be concluded that we attune with our soulmate through mental and emotional telepathy.


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