Yellow Personality

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the magic, meaning & power of colours. In the ancient times, the colours were attributed to certain divinities and had well-defined symbolic functions, being a bridge between the human and divine worlds.

Today, research in chromatology has revealed that the colouristic preferences of a person depend on many psychological and social factors. These could be influenced by the ethnic origin, the cultural or religious environment in which the person lives, the social values s/he respects, or certain events that have had a strong emotional impact on person’s life.

Besides these, there is a strictly subjective and often unconscious influence that colours exert on the human psyche. Thus, certain aspects of the colour code can reveal, sometimes with the accuracy of a psychological test, some personal qualities and flaws that make up the portrait of our personality.

If your favourite¬†colour is yellow then you are defined by…..

Optimism, originality, imagination, idealism, creativity, wisdom! You are spiritual, perspicuous, empathetic, interested in everything you see or hear, you have great financial skills, a developed sense of humour, trustworthy, a good confidant, generous, cheerful, bright and with high goals all the time looking for new challenges. But there is also a negative side to this brilliant personality:

You can be selfish, shy, impatient with others, and a perfectionist. Sometimes you are too practical and sceptical. For you, what matters are only the palpable things and the proof of excellent results.

Wear Yellow: The best therapy for depression

When we think of yellow, usually the first sensation we feel is the warmth of the sun, which is why this colour works as an antidepressant. If we expose ourselves to the yellow colour, our body releases a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which is closely related to the feeling of happiness.

Moreover, several studies have shown that this colour increases the concentration and stimulates the nervous system. If you have to paint a desk or any space where you will need to unleash your creative talent, the yellow colour is an option that you should take into consideration.


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