Purple Personality

As previously discussed in the collection of Psychology of Colours, personality and our chromatic choices can reveal aspects of who we are and our current emotional state.

As such, this week it is Purple’s turn! If this colour is dominant in your clothing or decorations or if it exerts a certain peaceful feeling when you see it, then you may be…..

…..sensitive and understanding. You are always ready to give your support when someone needs it. You are diplomatic, charismatic, idealist and you are one of the few people who really think life is beautiful with its ups and downs.

Critical comments affect you even if you don’t show it. You often come across as an introverted individual and shy but it is not always the case as you can easily adapt to new situations or circumstances. You are intuitive, you always have something to offer and you do not want to expect anything in return.

Lover of art in all its forms you love the strong feelings that come from contact with the environment and people, especially with the loved ones. This colour, in fact, stimulates the desire to create a bond, both physical and emotional. Moreover, this colour increases the creative skills.

On the other hand, you can tend to be melancholic and lose the sense of reality and concreteness.


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