Holiday Beauty Tips: Skincare Preparation Before Travelling

Sunny days, cool summer breeze, and sandy beaches! It is that time of the year when we are ready to leave the city and throw ourselves under the sweet & warm sun rays.

But while a little vacay has plenty of benefits for our mind & body, going to another country may also stress our skin, which is why a little extra care before travelling is necessary.

Why Prepare?

A new destination also means new temperatures, new climate and high or low humidity levels which can all increase skin dryness and sensitivity, accentuate wrinkles, or cause breakouts.

How To Prepare?

  1. Revitalize Your Skin With Hydrating Masks

A clean, shiny, moisturized skin is what every woman wants in any season or situation.
A nourishing cream used in the morning and evening, a proper cleaning and the use of moisturizing masks, applied at least once a week will provide an enviable look.

Therefore, you should begin this homemade facial treatment a week before you travel.


  • Remove impurities– You cannot use a mask if the skin is not clean. Thus, use appropriate products for your skin type that help you clean the pores in-depth.  Specialists also recommend applying the mask after taking a shower because the steam opens the pores.
  • Exfoliate– the properties of a hydrating mask will be absorbed better by the skin if you use an exfoliating product before applying the mask in order to remove dead cells.
  • Apply the mask following the instructions

2. Barefaced for a Week

If you are addicted to make-up, it is time to reconsider and let your skin breathe. It is true that most make-up products aim to keep your skin healthy & nourished, but we cannot avoid the fact that despite their good intentions to give us a fresh & shiny look, our skin can feel the effects of the day-to-day usage of products.

Concealers, powders or foundations only hide the problems of your skin but do not treat or heal it.

So, taking advantage of your coming holiday, you should pamper your skin by giving it time to relax and absorb only healthy nutrients from nourishing masks or moisturizers.

3. Beauty Starts From Within

A healthy skin is the result of a healthy lifestyle. Although we live in an era where all kinds of skin care products and techniques are highly promoted, one of the handiest,  most relevant and effective solution is our nutrition. So before you go down the corridors of a clinic that offers skin cleansing procedures, you should go to a supermarket and pick up more vegetables & fruits. Currently, there are studies that confirm the correlation between healthy food nutrients and wrinkle reduction, lighter skin and the prevention of acne.

4. Beauty Sleep

To have a beautiful, radiant skin, we do not have to buy expensive cosmetics or creams that promise miracles. We only need regular sleep hours. Do you feel tired? The solution is a good night’s sleep. Want to get rid of the eye-bags? Try to sleep at least 7 hours a night rather than to pay a lot of money on treatments that do little. Sleep can be the miracle treatment we are looking for.

While these tips are not new, it is worth to remember that the secret of a healthy skin is often hidden in simple habits. These steps should not only be used before travelling, but on a regular basis for a long-lasting vitality of your skin.

Bon voyage!


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