Baby On A Budget: 7 Things Your Newborn Doesn’t Need

Before the arrival of a baby, parents want to do the most they can to welcome their bundle of joy in a warm, loving & comfortable place, where nothing is missing. Since we live in times where we can purchase anything to ease our work, parents may be tempted to create a long shopping list. Although there are plenty of choices for all budgets and tastes, we must question every purchase: Is it essential? For how long will I use it? 

Otherwise, we risk buying items that we may barely need or may not be practical for too long. Hence, here are 7 things that parents should consider before adding them to the cart:

  1. Hundreds of Toys

A baby does not have the ability to choose a toy, but instead, he wants everything he sees and is not in his hands. Besides costing you much, psychologists advise that children should be surrounded by a limited number of toys and here is why:

  • too many toys prevent children from fully developing their imagination
  • their ability to focus on one activity is affected
  • children no longer appreciate the value of what they already have
  • they become materialists
  • they only make friends with those who offer them more
  • they can become easily frustrated and aggressive when they do not receive what they want

Therefore, the best toys for children are those that have a multifunctional role and can help their brain development in a creative and constructive way.

2. Crib Bedding Sets

Crib bedding sets are generally cheerful & colourful with all kinds of characters and attractive pictures for the little ones. They are indeed adorable and you cannot resist them, but you don’t actually need them. While some parents may buy one set, other parents don’t use them at all. Opt instead for fitted sheets, mattress pads, and crib skirts.

3. Hundreds of Clothes

Take into consideration that newborns spend much of their time, up to the age of three months, eating and sleeping. In this period, day clothes do not differ from those of the night ones. And, although the baby is not very active, it does not mean that small accidents cannot happen. Whether they are breastfed or not, newborns regurgitate, so their clothes will eventually get dirty. It is true that you want to give your child the best, and spending a lot of money on clothes does not seem like a problem – but ask yourself why would you spend so much money on clothes that will not fit anymore in 2 months time?

4. Baby Swings

Baby Swings are meant to ease your job when you want to put the baby to sleep or when you have to do the errands and what the baby to be safe & calm for a while.

Nothing wrong so far, but the problem is that babies grow fast and this item is specifically designed for babies up to 9 months old. Not to mention that the baby may not enjoy feeling the vibrations or s/he may simply not feel comfortable falling asleep alone.

Why not save some money and have a parent-baby quality time instead?

5. Bottle Sterilizer 

Instead of giving a significant amount of money on a sterilizer, you could put a large pot full of water on the stove and let it boil for 10 minutes to sterilize the baby bottle, pacifier, etc.

6. Baby scale

It’s both good and bad. Most of the time, it generates all sorts of worries and unnecessary fears: “why does not our baby grow in weight?” “the baby has not gained weight for the past two weeks!”

Some mothers get so scared and worried that they are weighing the baby before and after each meal and develop true obsessions if babies do not fit into the standard growth charts for their age. The scale is not 100% necessary, because the baby will be regularly checked by the paediatrician, especially during the first 6 months.

7. Room Humidifier

During the cold seasons, you can provide a very good level of moisture in the baby’s room by simply placing a glass or a bowl of water on the radiator or on heat registers. Very simple, efficient and especially cheap. And in summer, as a rule, there’s no need for this gadget.

Alternatively, add some houseplants as they purify the air and keep it wet. One of the best plants for air humidification is the Boston fern.

Hope this short list will help you and remember, always think twice before buying.


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