Red Personality

Red has many personal connotations and meanings than any other colour. The red draws admiration & curiosity, hence the use of this colour can instantly attract our attention to a certain element.

Red stimulates enthusiasm, energy and can influence blood pressure, pulse and breath rates. At the psychic level, the red colour gives confidence and encourages actions.

Red & its meaning in the world:

  • In many cultures, red represents beauty.
  • In the Chinese culture, the colours correspond to the five primary, guiding elements, and the four seasons. Red was associated with summer as well as with luck & fortune.
  • In Japan, the red colour is closely related to the divinity, and the statues of the various gods are clothed in this colour.
  • In Sweden, the red colour was worn only by the privileged classes.
  • In Greece, Easter eggs are painted red. There is also an expression “piase kokkino” (“touches red”) that is used when two people say the same thing at the same time. It is believed that such a coincidence is a sign that the two will fight in the future, and this unpleasant event can only be prevented if the two reach the closest red object.
  • In Jamaica, “red” is a popular slang term for someone who is under the influence of alcohol
  • In England, the telephone boxes are red, just like the double deck buses – becoming national emblems.
  • In India, a red sign on the forehead is said to bring good luck.
  • In the Hindu tradition, red symbolizes joy, life, energy, creativity.
  • Islamic, Hindu and Chinese brides are traditionally dressed in red.
  • In Singapore, the red colour traditionally symbolizes joy.
  • The Chinese New Year is celebrated by wearing red clothes and decorating the house in red.

Red Colour & Our Personality Traits

The colour of power and passion, red means lust for life. The person whose favourite colours is red tends to be practical, competitive, ambitious, bold, optimistic, and open to new ideas. “Red” people are exciting, provocative and passionate. They want something that lasts their whole life, and they usually want it now! They are extroverted and you will often find them having fun and laughing. Thus, people are attracted to the sense of excitement and vitality they emit.

Nevertheless, these individuals are prone to become agitated, stubborn, aggressive, impulsive, and very impatient when things do not happen their way. Even if they politely listen to the opinions of others, they do only what they want and when they want. They can be very protective of themselves and those they love.

Other Personality Traits Specific of This Colour

  • action oriented
  • active ego
  • determination
  • not particularly spiritual
  • hard workers
  • courageous
  • explorers of the world due to their high curiosity
  • ambitious
  • prone to high levels of stress

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