6 Reasons Why You Should Live Abroad For a While

Moving to a foreign country can sound like a thrilling adventure for some or a nightmare for others. The idea of leaving behind everything we have & know so we can adapt to a new culture, new rules is like stepping into a different world. This can be a little bit frightening no matter how adventurous one may be.

Yet, this daring and challenging change comes with a baggage full of opportunities and rewards that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

1. You Are Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

It could be said that most of us live a life of habits and routines. Now, we do know that routines have a bad reputation, but they are not profoundly unhealthy for our professional progress or even health. Stability is what we need to function & achieve goals. But routines have the reverse effects when we want to develop at a spiritual, mental and emotional level.

When we are absorbed by our routines, we start behaving like programmed machines. We do what we have been taught to do in the easiest way, therefore we no longer try new solutions, we no longer think outside of the box.

This is why moving to a different country will certainly be an awakening experience, because

A) you will have to learn again how to be self-sufficient in unknown circumstances, which means that a new set of skills will be developed

B) everything you see and everyone you meet is new so communication & strategy skills will be sharpened

2. Learn New Things About Yourself

Just as previously mentioned, a new you will surface. While learning to adapt to a new lifestyle, you discover & develop skills you never knew you had. Whether it is spiritually, mentally or emotionally, you will be surprised to meet a different YOU.

3. Explore The World

The world is a wonderland, with breathtaking natural sites; some displayed on the internet, in the magazine, while others remain unknown. Learn about them through your senses, by being present and not just behind the screen.

4. Understand People

We all read psychology books, watch a few documentaries, have a chat with our best friends and we think we understand how people are, what makes them happy, what motivates them, etc. But we are 7 billion people on this planet, so there are a billion reasons for happiness, billion stories, billion experiences that are not heard.

While we can relate to some of them, other people may have stories that will give you a different perspective on humanity, love and care.

5. Life is More Than What You Know

We tend to focus on searching for solutions that could make our lives easy, we are in a constant run towards goals, while we forget that life is simpler than that. There are more ways to live happily.

6. Learn Different Traditions & a New Language

The world is slowly transcending to a globalisation of cultures, which has its advantages and disadvantages. But while this process is at its early stages, it would be an enriching knowledge experience to learn about the authentic values that make certain cultures unique.

A second benefit from living among foreigners is learning their language. It is not only fun and an easy way to connect with the locals, but it can positively affect your brain’s health:

  • memory improvement
  • longer attention span
  • denser grey matter
  • prevents dementia

The overall experience may or may not gift you with sweet memories as it very much depends on your ability to adapt to changes & your emotional/mental resilience to life challenges. But whichever way this experience ends, you will certainly learn so much about yourself, people and the world.


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