The 5 Personality Traits of an Alpha Female

We are all born with a personality & temperament that adds colour and diversity to our society, friendships, career, etc. These personality differences have been characterized and grouped into two types: Alpha & Beta. 

As such, we will first focus on the dominant personality traits of an alpha female:

1. Dislikes superficiality

An alpha female does not waste energy on conversations, plans, tasks or relations that do not have a meaning or purpose; that do not enrich or improve the quality of life, relationships, knowledge, etc. You will always see her working towards important goals that aim to bring change in people’s lives or environment. She will use the same determination to change herself in better and do better.

 2.  Hungry for knowledge

Knowledge opens new horizons, new opportunities for growth. Since an alpha female is always in the pursuit of development and creation, she is in a continuous search of information. You could say that her curiosity is instinctual;  she lives to explore and understand the “Why’s” and “How’s”.

 3. She embraces challenges

Some people perceive obstacles as a karmic result of their actions. The alpha female, on the other hand, views challenges as a way to overcome her own limits, an opportunity to develop new skills that could help her climb the ladder and get closer to her goal.

4. A loyal friend; a romantic spouse

Contrary to the common belief that an alpha female is insensitive, she actually has a kind and loving heart. Just because she is not part of shallow activities nor the type of wife who will reduce her life to cookery and children, one cannot say that she will not empath with people’s pain or that her romantic life is boring.

Her inner circle might be small, but she will be a devoted friend, ready to support her friends in critical moments. Similarly, she will not try to diminish her husband’s/partner’s self-esteem nor deprive him of love & affection. More than often, an alpha female will ensure that her relationship/marriage flourishes.

5. Independent

There is a general belief that an independent individual does not need anyone’s help. We are born to need one another and we cannot succeed without the support of others, even if that help comes as an advice.

What independence means is that we are in charge of our own choices and path. We try to build an emotional and materialistic security that prevents us from depending on circumstances we cannot control.

In love, an alpha female does not see marriage as a hinder of her freedom, nor as a propeller of her success. She sees it as it is: a romantic union between two people.

Thus, she tries to bring the equilibrium a healthy relationship needs by requiring and offering the necessary space & time that will allow her and her partner to also grow individually not only as a team.


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