Books of The Month: May 2018

Our eating habits and diets determine our health, therefore it is important to keep an eye on what we eat according to the season and adapt the diet to the outside temperatures. That is because, in the summer, the physical or mental fatigue can be caused both by the physiological effort to accommodate to the hot season but also by the inadequate nutrition.

This is why Wabi-Sabi proposes 10 cooking books with delicious recipes for summer 2018, to keep you healthy and satisfy your culinary desires:

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The Best 20 Rousseau Quotes

Jean Jacques Rousseau’s pedagogical ideas scandalized many contemporaries but revolutionized psychological and pedagogical thinking, in particular, the ones of Lev N. Tolstoy took who J.J Rousseau’s ideas as a role model for the creation of the Iasnaia Poliana School, Rabindranath Tagore who created the school of Santiniketan or the Italian doctor and teacher Maria Montessori. The ideas of this philosopher of the Enlightenment era have passed through the centuries and are still preserving their value.

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Books of The Month: April 2018

Asked by Leon, leader of the Peloponnese fortress, amazed by his eloquence and his wide knowledge, Pythagoras replied that he possessed no knowledge but was a philosopher, a lover of wisdom. Continuing his explanation, he says that human life seems to be a place where Olympic games take place: some pursue honour and glory, others seek only rewards, but others do not seek ovations nor rewards; they are just spectators who are examining what is happening around. The latter,  Pythagoras call them “lovers of wisdom” (philosophers), because they do not value money and glory, but devote themselves to the research of human nature.

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The Best 20 Voltaire Quotes

François-Marie Arouet, or better known by his pseudonym, Voltaire, was born on November 21, 1694 in Paris. In his literary career of over 60 years, he has written many influential poems, essays and books, including “Candide” and Letters on England”. His meticulous spirit and provocative ideas about religion, freedom and ethics brought him fame at the courts of Europe, which helped him to strengthen his reputation as one of the fundamental figures of the Enlightenment Era.

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Books of The Month:March 2018

Winter has retreated into the depths of the earth, and the spring sun rays smile over the numb earth. Now that the snow is gone, it is the best time to revive our gardens with vivid colours and exquisite floral fragrances.

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Books of the Month: February 2018

Whether they tell thrilling stories, funny adventures or mysterious novels, books are the perfect way to escape into a world of fantasy and emotions.

Since February is considered the month of love, I thought that it would be great to indulge in romantic novels, with twisted plots and happy endings written with passion by classic and contemporary writers.

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Books of The Month: January 2018

The arrival of the new year brings new hopes and promises. Some of us may have experienced the best moments and look forward to a greater year, while others may have trudged from one challenge to another and they see the new year like a chapter in the book of their lives, wishing for better stories!

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