The 5 Personality Traits of an Alpha Female

We are all born with a personality & temperament that adds colour and diversity to our society, friendships, career, etc. These personality differences have been characterized and grouped into two types: Alpha & Beta. 

As such, we will first focus on the dominant personality traits of an alpha female:

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Nurture Your Skin: Shine Without MakeUp

It is probably difficult to imagine your day without your favourite makeup products that help you every time you want to get an impeccable look.

And there are thousands and thousands of reasons why you love makeup products. They highlight your beautiful facial features, hides your skin imperfections and often help you have more confidence. However, we must honestly say that makeup is not even the healthiest choice to apply onto the skin every day.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Live Abroad For a While

Moving to a foreign country can sound like a thrilling adventure for some or a nightmare for others. The idea of leaving behind everything we have & know so we can adapt to a new culture, new rules is like stepping into a different world. This can be a little bit frightening no matter how adventurous one may be.

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Holiday Beauty Tips: Skincare Preparation Before Travelling

Sunny days, cool summer breeze, and sandy beaches! It is that time of the year when we are ready to leave the city and throw ourselves under the sweet & warm sun rays.

But while a little vacay has plenty of benefits for our mind & body, going to another country may also stress our skin, which is why a little extra care before travelling is necessary.

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Purple Personality

As previously discussed in the collection of Psychology of Colours, personality and our chromatic choices can reveal aspects of who we are and our current emotional state.

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Multitasking: The modern myth with serious psychological effects

In the age of technology, multitasking has become a habit for many of us. Few are the ones who focus on one task at work or at home. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid multitasking because of the lack of resources, time or our job’s nature requires to complete multiple tasks in a short period. We get calls after calls, we respond to emails, we eat while we watch TV, we check Facebook feeds while we work, and so on.

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The Best 20 Rousseau Quotes

Jean Jacques Rousseau’s pedagogical ideas scandalized many contemporaries but revolutionized psychological and pedagogical thinking, in particular, the ones of Lev N. Tolstoy took who J.J Rousseau’s ideas as a role model for the creation of the Iasnaia Poliana School, Rabindranath Tagore who created the school of Santiniketan or the Italian doctor and teacher Maria Montessori. The ideas of this philosopher of the Enlightenment era have passed through the centuries and are still preserving their value.

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Books of The Month: April 2018

Asked by Leon, leader of the Peloponnese fortress, amazed by his eloquence and his wide knowledge, Pythagoras replied that he possessed no knowledge but was a philosopher, a lover of wisdom. Continuing his explanation, he says that human life seems to be a place where Olympic games take place: some pursue honour and glory, others seek only rewards, but others do not seek ovations nor rewards; they are just spectators who are examining what is happening around. The latter, ¬†Pythagoras call them “lovers of wisdom” (philosophers), because they do not value money and glory, but devote themselves to the research of human nature.

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6 Ways Through Which You Sabotage Your Immune System

Your lifestyle can affect your immune system, which main function is to protect you from germs, viruses and chronic diseases. Hence it is important to recognise which bad habits can negatively affect the normal functioning of your immune system.

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Learn How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

The term “emotional intelligence” was first used in an article in 1990 by the psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer. Although this term is relatively new, the concept of emotional intelligence can be seen in the affirmation of Socrates (470-399 BC) “Know Yourself”. In the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments, “Do to others as you would have them do” and “Love your neighbours as yourself” can be seen as elements of Emotional Intelligence.

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