Purple Personality

As previously discussed in the collection of Psychology of Colours, personality and our chromatic choices can reveal aspects of who we are and our current emotional state.

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Books of The Month: May 2018

Our eating habits and diets determine our health, therefore it is important to keep an eye on what we eat according to the season and adapt the diet to the outside temperatures. That is because, in the summer, the physical or mental fatigue can be caused both by the physiological effort to accommodate to the hot season but also by the inadequate nutrition.

This is why Wabi-Sabi proposes 10 cooking books with delicious recipesĀ for summer 2018, to keep you healthy and satisfy your culinary desires:

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Multitasking: The modern myth with serious psychological effects

In the age of technology, multitasking has become a habit for many of us. Few are the ones who focus on one task at work or at home. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid multitasking because of the lack of resources, time or our job’s nature requires to complete multiple tasks in a short period. We get calls after calls, we respond to emails, we eat while we watch TV, we check Facebook feeds while we work, and so on.

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Yellow Personality

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the magic, meaning & power of colours. In the ancient times, the colours were attributed to certain divinities and had well-defined symbolic functions, being a bridge between the human and divine worlds.

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Men’s Feelings Matter Too

With the development of feminism, we can notice a series of misconceptions and hatred towards men that seem to increase from day to day.

Undoubtedly, the emancipation of women has brought a significant change and a new facade to our society, giving women the chance to education, the chance to be heard and valued. But as the empowerment of women increases, the society seems to subtly belittle and demonize men.

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Telepathy in Romantic Couples

Sigmund Freud believed that telepathic communication is a primitive ability, which we lost through the process of evolution. But recent studies show that people are still able to communicate through telepathy even today suggesting that they will never lose the ability to connect with people beyond words and gestures.

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Blue Personality

Colour brings magic to our lives. Colour brings enthusiasm, happiness, bliss and relaxation. Just imagine what the world we live in if we did not enjoy the beautiful colours of flowers or the blue sky. It is hard to imagine living a life in grey tones.

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Prenatal Stress Can Have Serious Effects on Baby’s Temperament

Extensive research in the past years has shown that stressed mothers before and during pregnancy affect the temperament and behaviour of the future child. Under stress conditions, the brain releases cortisol, a hormone with certain neurotoxic properties that can seriously affect the development of baby’s brain.

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The Best 20 Rousseau Quotes

Jean Jacques Rousseau’s pedagogical ideas scandalized many contemporaries but revolutionized psychological and pedagogical thinking, in particular, the ones of Lev N. Tolstoy took who J.J Rousseau’s ideas as a role model for the creation of the Iasnaia Poliana School, Rabindranath Tagore who created the school of Santiniketan or the Italian doctor and teacher Maria Montessori. The ideas of this philosopher of the Enlightenment era have passed through the centuries and are still preserving their value.

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Famous April Psychologist: Urie Bronfenbrenner

Urie Bronfenbrenner is one of the psychologists who has significantly contributed to transforming the paradigms of psychosocial research in the last half-century and is known to the general public for creating the Ecological Theory of Human Development.

Bronfenbrenner has dedicated all his career to the research of evolutionary forces that “make human beings human”. He has spent most of his life trying to highlight the systemic interconnections of the environment that influence an individual’s development.

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