Stop The Domestic Violence !

Stop The Domestic Violence !;

“Stop the domestic violence” is a message that worldwide campaigns try to convey, with the purpose of raising awareness as …


The Development of Psychology Throughout History

Prompted by an acceleration in science discovery, there is an increasing appetite from the scientific community as well as the …


Is Depression The Enemy of The Modern Society?

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 350 million people around the world affected by depression and it …


A Woman’s Body After Pregnancy

The miracle has happened and your baby is here! After 9 months of expectations, joy, anxiety, and tiredness, you have …


The Meaning of Synchronicity

Synchronicity (or as it is commonly known “coincidence”)┬áis a concept created by one of the pioneers of psychology, Carl Jung. …


Physical Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is a delicate subject that still receives both criticism and recognition. While physical activities remain a great …


How To Prepare for Natural Childbirth

As much as moms-to-be are thrilled with joy at the thought of hugging their little one for the first time, …


Do You Plan to Get Pregnant? Get Your Body Ready First

Planning on getting pregnant? I imagine there are loads of questions and ideas you may have if this is going …


Having a Child or a Career?

Having a child or a successful career? It is a question that thousands of women ask themselves when they are …


7 Ways to Be a Good Parent

Parenthood is perhaps one of the most challenging jobs, but also the most rewarding when the children we dearly love …

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