How To Prepare for Natural Childbirth

As much as moms-to-be are thrilled with joy at the thought of hugging their little one for the first time, there is also another thought that may overshadow their happiness: the birth. Not one single mother ever said, “Oh, the birth was so easy”.. It has always been described as an incomparable painful moment that we do not experience every day. And as if the pain was not enough, labor is considered to last somewhere between 8 to 24 hours, which can terrify anyone. Yet, every mother you would ask about her birth experience will say the same thing:“It all disappeared when I held the baby in my arms”.

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Do You Plan to Get Pregnant? Get Your Body Ready First

Planning on getting pregnant? I imagine there are loads of questions and ideas you may have if this is going to be your first pregnancy.

Before thinking about beautiful clothes, fluffy blankets and colorful toys, you need to think about yourself, more specifically, your health. Your body is going to experience the most wonderful change throughout the next 9 months, but also the most challenging. This is one of the reasons why you need to prepare your body at least a year before you get pregnant. It will not only benefit your health, but also the baby’s. As you may already know, the child will live with nutrients and vitamins your body absorbs.

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Having a Child or a Career?

Having a child or a successful career? It is a question that thousands of women ask themselves when they are torn between their maternal instinct and the economic pressure.

Many would argue that millennials are more advantaged than the previous generations as they grow up in a propitious era with more facilities and job opportunities. While there may be some truth in these thoughts, the reality is far more difficult for the young couples who want to create a family while continuing developing their careers.

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7 Ways to Be a Good Parent

Parenthood is perhaps one of the most challenging jobs, but also the most rewarding when the children we dearly love grow into wonderful individuals.

Of course the journey can be stressful and not easy all the time if combined with other external challenges. Regardless of the obstacles, all parents do and try their best to raise a healthy and happy independent child.

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6 Personal Lessons to Learn from Sports

The importance and benefits of physical activities have been intensely illustrated and emphasised by various celebrities or nutritionists in the past few years. Such social trend has positively influenced many people’s choices, leading to a better knowledge and awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

However, there are more benefits of sports or any physical activity than at a dietary level, such as…

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The Importance of Teaching Children a Foreign Language: An Implication for Families and Schools

The new generation is undoubtedly living in a mixed population. In order to facilitate the cross-cultural communication, findings suggest that 70% of world’s population is bilingual. Although the percentage is significantly high, a brief comparison between countries (specifically amongst the English speaker-countries) may raise some concerns.

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5 Ways to Create Peace In Your Life

While most people would agree that our generation leads a chaotic lifestyle, I would argue that to some extent all the past generations struggled with different social, personal or political factors that affected their peace and lifestyle. However, as modern individuals we have more opportunities to balance and be in control of our lifestyle, but we consciously allow external situations to determine the level of peace we receive or build in our lives.

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How to Heal a Broken Heart

Loving and being loved is one of the most precious emotions that we can experience as romantic relationships are a great source of inspiration, purpose, and fulfillment. We invest in relationships with the aim to make it stronger and durable, so we build expectations, make plans and dedicate our heart to it.

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How to Lead a Healthy Spiritual Life

Our society is confronted with a massive increase of materialism and capitalism, leaving us little space to breathe and keep in touch with our soul’s needs. Although the past ten years seemed to have been marked by the importance of eating healthy and exercising, it is needless to say that what requires more attention is our spiritual equilibrium.

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SoulMate Versus Life-Partner Relationships

Humans are not only intelligent, but also emotional creatures who crave affection and spiritual connection.

When seeking our half or initiate a relationship, we actually seek for the one who completes us in each and every way; the one who can make us shine and be a better version of ourselves.

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