Midlife Crisis : Between Reality and Myths

Midlife crisis is undoubtedly the most popular concept related to middle adulthood, yet the most misunderstood and poorly examined stage. Similarly to adolescence, the midlife period is also known as a transitory period which brings many biological and psychological changes in an individual’s life. Although both genders may experience different biological challenges, there are certain psychological aspects in which each gender may present similar concerns and changes (i.e. depression, low self-esteem and self-image, low life satisfaction level, etc.)

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What Happy Couples Do To Remain Happy?

In the past few years we have heard of married couples who lasted together for over 40 years, leaving us in awe especially when nowadays couples barely last 10 years together.

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Single Fathers: The Untold Stories

Throughout the past generations, we have been taught that men are strong, humans led by their rational and not by emotions, who can easily become ruthless and powerful at any given time in any situation.

Although there is a small truth in this stereotype if we were to compare a man’s emotional and physical strength to a woman’s, it would be worth to realise that men experience emotions as much as women; they have their own insecurities about themselves, about their future, even if they do not necessarily express them as openly and freely as women do.

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“Beauty and The Beast” Relationships

From an early age we tend to create in our mind the definition of a happy relationship and how should our ideal partner be like. These thoughts are reinforced when we hear or see couples whose love flourishes and positively changes both partners.

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Infidelity: A Social Taboo of the 21st Century

Starting off this topic with some statistics on divorce rates across Europe and U.S, we surprisingly discover that the 21st century faces the highest numbers of divorces:

Belgium: 70%

Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Hungary and the Czech Republic: 60%

U.S.A: 53% 

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Self-Identity in A Society of Trends

Fashion, music, lifestyle, thoughts and beliefs have always been influenced by trends. Looking back at past generations we can categorise each period based on the music or clothing style that marked the era: if we think of the 1940’s, we can remember the New Look or the post-war era, where the hourglass figure was trendy and highlighted by wide padded shoulders or A-line skirts; the 1970’s were the years when rock and roll’s popularity was reaching its peak, but if you mention about the 1980’s, it is more likely that Depeche Mode will come to anyone’s mind.

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What Makes A Relationship Work?

As humans, we are born with the instinct of nurturing, protecting and with the desire of creating our “nest” (whether it is made of two or more members). We also actively or passively seek attention, acceptance and appreciation from others, hoping that it will validate who we are or what we offer. It could be said that relationships are a give-and-take deal, where we offer a part of ourselves and receive in return a part of our partner.

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