“Love You Still… or Not?”-Life in Two After Infidelity

Can a relationship/marriage survive after one of the partners is betrayed?

Yes! The relationship itself can survive for many years to come, but we can’t say the same about the quality of trust or love. You may hear many couples who dealt with infidelity say that they discovered ways to fall in love with each other again after the distress caused by an affair.

However, it is less probable that love is the actual reason why people choose to remain in the marriage/relationship:

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Romantic Jealousy: Understand It and Heal Yourself from It

In the evolutionary psychology, jealousy represented a survival mechanism that aimed to protect a group or a couple from potential intruders. Thus, looking from an extensive perspective, psychologists claim that jealousy was generated by reproductive challenges. More specifically, males were facing paternal insecurity if they were suspecting their mate of infidelity. Females’ insecurity, on the other hand, was caused by emotional aspects, worrying that their partner may develop emotional attachment with other females, which could have diverted all the reserved resources and affection for their children, towards somebody else.

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