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Men’s Feelings Matter Too

With the development of feminism, we can notice a series of misconceptions and hatred towards men that seem to increase from day to day.

Undoubtedly, the emancipation of women has brought a significant change and a new facade to our society, giving women the chance to education, the chance to be heard and valued. But as the empowerment of women increases, the society seems to subtly belittle and demonize men.


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Learn How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

The term “emotional intelligence” was first used in an article in 1990 by the psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer. Although this term is relatively new, the concept of emotional intelligence can be seen in the affirmation of Socrates (470-399 BC) “Know Yourself”. In the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments, “Do to others as you would have them do” and “Love your neighbours as yourself” can be seen as elements of Emotional Intelligence.



Easter Time: a Moment of Spiritual Reflection

Easter is only a few days away and before rushing to the supermarket to purchase hot cross buns or chocolate bunnies, we should perhaps reflect on the real meaning of Easter, understand its importance in our spiritual growth and how to use it as a moment of spiritual reflection.



20 Quotes To Describe The Magic of Parenthood

Being a parent is an extraordinary experience, but at times, it can be a very difficult one. It is a full-time job, in which you are 24 hours a day dedicating a great deal of your time and energy. But rest assured, that parenthood is also filled with many joyful moments next to your little ones. There is no relationship in this world as complex and strong as the relationship between parents and their child.


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