Baby On A Budget: 7 Things Your Newborn Doesn’t Need

Before the arrival of a baby, parents want to do the most they can to welcome their bundle of joy in a warm, loving & comfortable place, where nothing is missing. Since we live in times where we can purchase anything to ease our work, parents may be tempted to create a long shopping list. Although there are plenty of choices for all budgets and tastes, we must question every purchase: Is it essential? For how long will I use it? 

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Prenatal Stress Can Have Serious Effects on Baby’s Temperament

Extensive research in the past years has shown that stressed mothers before and during pregnancy affect the temperament and behaviour of the future child. Under stress conditions, the brain releases cortisol, a hormone with certain neurotoxic properties that can seriously affect the development of baby’s brain.

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5 Seasonal Foods That Increase Fertility

Before using costly treatments to improve your fertility and get pregnant, change your diet. There are foods that if consumed daily will get your body ready for pregnancy and may even help you get pregnant more easily, while others may reduce your chances of having a baby in the near future.

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Dental Visits During Pregnancy

The 9 months of pregnancy represent a delicate period for the mother as well as for the baby. Physical changes are expected and teeth make no exception.

Due to the increasing levels of hormones during pregnancy, the gums may begin to swell, bleed, leading to inflammation and possible dental problems.

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